Whats on your mind? An hour and half 121 to Learn the fundamental strategy to start training your mind.


Creating a strategic plan to achieve your goals. A 12 week programme with guidance and motivation for any area of your life.

Crystal Healing

Is a holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals. Crystals are placed on or around you to help unblock, focus and direct energy.


Be sure to keep an eye out on our events page for our Day Retreats, coming soon..........


Does your body shut down at night but your brain is running full speed? Learn how to relax, unwind and calm the mind with 121 and group guided meditation.

Intolerance Testing

A simple strand (or 4) of hair can provide so much information. We test over 600 food and non-food items which could be causing you to have a lack of energy, bloating, stomach ache, breathlessness, skin irritation etc etc. 

Skin Analysis

What we put in our bodies doesn't just effect the inside, it shows on the outside. Are you suffering with dry skin, breakouts, pigmentation?

Food Diaries

I offer food diary management, guiding you towards a healthier you.

30 Days To Healthy Living

I don't believe in diets, I'm a fan of healthy eating. Everything you need to kick start your healthy living journey. Daily support, shopping lists, recipes and tonnes of energy!


A Low Impact High Intensity work out that will have you feeling invigorated. A fusion of Dane, Pilates and Boxercise.


You cant knock it until you have tried it. Our bootcamp is combination of HIIT, Circuits, Tabata and Strength Training for all levels of fitness. Yes, even if you have never ever exercised!

Corporate Wellbeing

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce. From Office Fitness classes to Nutrition workshops, we have all the ingredients to grow your business with a healthy team.

Personal Training

If you dont want to go it alone we are here to help. Loose Weight, Gain Weight, Tone Up, Training for an Event, Fitness Junkie or a Complete Beginner.

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